Botanical Extraction Services

African Botanicals

We are dedicated to botanicals, not only processing them and providing affordable high quality equipment to process them, but also preserving African Botanicals used traditionally. Our aim is to preserve these ancient plants used historically for their recreational, nutritional or medicinal values. Part of our preservation efforts are to provide people access to responsible and sustainable cultivated traditional crops.

Please support our new initiative to Feed the people.

Through these difficult and unpredictable times many people in the beautiful country of ours are going hungry. People should never go hungry while shops are stocked with plenty of food. Buy a T-shirt and feed a hungry stomach! It's really that simple! For every Shirt sold we will provide someone with a meal. We are also expanding this into all of our products and services to help you help others.

Botanical Extraction Enterprise pty Ltd

If you or anyone you know would be interested in commercial-scale on-site Hydrocarbon extraction services please get in touch with us. Hydrocarbon extraction on Cured flower, Fresh-flower and even dry sieve hash.

With 6 years of practical experience in Botanical Extraction we are not only be able to provide complete Extraction solutions, but also assist with your Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the first batch of extract is as pure as the 420th batch. Practical and affordable Botanical Extraction Solutions.