Elementor #131


At B.E.E we strive to produce high quality reliable and efficient extraction equipment for most Botanical oils. Our Research and Development team are capable of designing a solution to suite your requirements and desired outcome if we don’t have a ready-made solution already. All our engineering, testing and development is done in South Africa by South Africans.



The bi-functional Chiller
is a key component to the effectiveness of the HiVE200.

Providing a Super-Cooled path for the Ethanol
Providing sub-zero temperatures for the Comb Condenser
Ensuring Solution free from Waxes



Designed to run 100kg batches seamlessly.

-200u nylon insert for clean operation
-Super-Cooled Ethanol -25 to  minus 40 degrees Celsius
-In-line with Chiller and External filter
-Easy to load and dispense
-Quick seal clamps for effective and efficient operation
-25mm Connections


Low maintenance
Easy cleaning
Stainless steel sieves for durability and quality
Pod style ideal for expanding
Available separately from Botanical Extraction Enterprise for existing systems
Nylon Seals for durability
25mm Connectors


Fully synthetic filtration unit
Inline with External Filter and the Evaporation Vessel
100u 50u 10u 1u 1u
Removes all impurities from solution
Safety valves to break vacuum if blocked
Easy replacement for convenience
Stainless steel 304 mounting bracket
Quick Connect Coupling


200l Stainless steel temperature controlled vessel
25-220 degrees operating temperature(Depending
on atmospheric pressure)
100l Crude oil capacity
High to Absolute Vacuum
Solvent Removal
Cannabinoid Removal
Easy operation
Low Labour costs
Level detection
400l Reservoir with return solvent pump


Operating Temperature -40degrees Celsius to 220degrees Celsius
Solvent Condensation -40 with a min 98% vac
Cannabinoid Distillation 35-200 with a 98-99,9% vacuum depending on Atmospheric pressure


Level Sensors
Quick Connect Tri Clamp
Solvent Return Pump
Viewing Glasses for monitoring progress


Jacketed Vessel 50l and 100l available
Jacketed with internal heater unit and temperature control for easy dispensing
25mm dispatch valve
Vacuum quick connector
Air pump quick connector for pressurized  dispensing
Tri clamp connector for easy change over with seal cap for storage
Extra Units available on order
Wheeled vessel with brakes for convenient and secure movement
Glass viewing ports for level indication


Purpose – Producing commercial quantities of Crude cannabis oil as well as Cannabis Distillate through industrial scale super-chilled ethanol extraction equipment.
Process – Super-chill , Soak , Filter , Solvent removal, Component distillation.
 Super-Chilling – The ethanol that is stored in the External reservoir is drawn through a custom Chiller that drops the temperature to -40C before it enters the Soaking vessel.
 Soaking – The 400l/100kg Soaking vessel is packed with a custom 200u Nylon bag before the biomass is added and the dome cap sealed. The super-chilled ethanol is then drawn with vacuum over the biomass and soaked for approximately 10mins before the vacuum is engaged and the solution is removed from the biomass with a high vacuum.
 Filter – The solution from the Soaking vessel is drawn through a 304 l Stainless steel multi-screen-filter (200u , 160u, 120u, 90u, 40u) before being drawn into the Internal Fully synthetic 5-stage filter ( 100u, 50u, 10u, 1u, 1u) to remove any remaining impurities from the solution.
 Solvent Removal- The dewaxed and filtered solution is drawn into the heat-jacketed Evaporation vessel (35-40C) where the ethanol evaporates at phenomenal rate through the Comb condenser and into the awaiting reservoir tanks. The Reservoir vessels alongside the Evaporation vessel have level sensors to indicate when the Crude oil/Ethanol has reached capacity (Crude 100l, Ethanol 800l) and the Ethanol needs to be dispensed back to the reservoir or the crude is ready for refinement.


Material is loaded into specially designed filter bag and placed into a soaking chamber, which is then sealed. From this step,it is automated and operates at high vacuum: The chamber is filled with supercooled (cryo-) ethanol, the plant material is saturated. The solution is filtered through a multi-stage filtration unit that removes impurities down to a micron in size. The filtered solution is drawn into an evaporation vessel. The near-absolute vacuum created in the evaporation chamber maximizes evaporation rate and processing efficiency. The ethanol is drawn into a condensation unit for recovery and the refined extract is collected in the chamber. At this moment, the soaking chamber may be reloaded with fresh material and the process restarted, or the extract may be dispensed into a collection vessel. Up to 100l of extract may be processed and collected before capacity is reached and the collection vessel needs rotation. The refined extract may also be further processed into its separate fractions using the fraction vessels. For a constant quality and low maintenance Extraction unit utilizing super-cooled Ethanol under a high vacuum to yield superior dewaxed Cannabinoid extracts:
EG1 vapor sensors
Spark-proof solvent pump
Spark proof 298l/min vacuum pump
Emergency shut off switch
Multiple level sensors



AP Verhoef is a South African farmer and project manager with a deep love of Cannabis. AP has been extracting Cannabis for 5 years, refining his methods and developing equipment based on these refinements. In 2018 he started a dedicated company, Botanical Extraction Enterprises, specialising in building commercial ethanolic cannabinoid extraction systems.

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